Please help us pass legislation to help terminally ill patients control their own destiny.

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Death with Dignity  The quick facts.

  • Must Be 18 and a South Dakota Resident.
  • Two physicians must diagnose patient with a terminal condition and diagnosis will cause end of life within 6 months.
  • Attending physician must deem the patient mentally competent.
  • Attending physician must give the patient all of their end of life options, ie hospice, comfort care.
  • Must be self administered. No assistance allowed.
  • Patient must make two oral requests. (one after the 15 day period has passed).
  • Patient must put it in writing, and wait 15 days.
  • Doctors do not have to participate in the program.
  • Doctors/pharmacist can not be prosecuted.
  • Patient can rescind at ANY time.
  • Does not authorize mercy killing or active euthanasia.
  • Punishes anyone who uses coercion on a patient to use the Act.  (Class A Felony).



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